ASME Pressure Vessel and Plate Fabrications

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To assure our customers of our commitment to producing a quality product we have the in house facilities for performing stress relieving in our 20’W x 15’H x 60’L furnace, non destructive testing, and hydro testing thus eliminating the reliance on others for these vital services.

ASME Vessels

Advance Boiler specializes in building ASME section VIII vessels of the highest quality.  Since 2003 we have been investing heavily in new welding equipment, technology and human resources to assure that the vessels we produce far exceed your expectations.  Many of the vessels we build are destined for the power industry.  These include high pressure steam drums up to 6” thick and weighing up to 120 tons, to small deaerators less than 6 ft in length and weighing just a few tons.  We also fabricate vessels for customers in the chemical, petroleum and water treatment industries. See our Qualifications Package for details.

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