Field Repair and Construction

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Advance Boiler's project managers are uniquely qualified fo solve your power house/steam problems - they draw on a rich experience on a variety of steam/power equipment; marine, commercial, industrial, and utilities to get the job done right.

Our National Board "R" symbol #8 was one of the first Repair symbols to be issued to a contractor in the United States. We have a proud tradition of quality going back to 1919. See our Qualifications Package for details.


Safety is not the last word with us - it's a continuous improvement and refinement process directed by our professional safety manager - an integral part of every job - from evaluation of specific safety concerns for the project, employee safety incentive programs. Safety is an ongoing commitment and our first priority.


When you need an experienced, competent crew for your repair/rebuild/construction project, we'll apply our unique experience in power houses of all types combined with our "one-of-a-kind" shop fabrication capapbility and refractory crews to get the job done right!